RPG Beaten: Titan Quest

Playing on: PC

Year: 2006 (origional), 2016 (anniv. edition)

Way before I started this page back in 2012 I completed a game called Titan Quest and its sole expansion The Immortal Throne. I did enjoy and completed the game but figured that was the end of it. In 2016, as is the fad these days, a remastered version was released called the anniversary edition. The game was the same game but with updated visuals and at first didn’t really interest me….until the expansions.  Two new expansions were released for the anniversary edition, Atlantis and Ragnarok which was enough to convince me to give the game another go and complete it once more in this definitive edition.

Titans Quest is generally referred to as a “Diablo clone” in that it takes the basic action RPG hack and slash loot drop fest formula as Diablo and just sort of transports it to an ancient mythological setting. The term is pretty fair in my opinion as that’s more or less what TQ is but don’t let the term “clone” dissuade you from this game or make you think it’s just some cheap knock off because its actually really good.

The game takes place in the time of mythology and begins in ancient Greece taking you on a journey that spans the globe from Babylon to Egypt to ancient China, The expansions have you journey even further to the lands of the underworld and back to Europe and to Midgard where the Norse gods reside. While Diablo focused on Medieval gothic themes and its environments tended to steer toward horror and demonic settings Titans Quest is more of a world tour exploring many varied locations and various baddies.

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During this journey you face an impressive bestiary of mythical monsters and ancient gods. The amount of adversaries is quite impressive and pulls on myth and folklore from several ancient cultures. In Greece your fighting satyrs and harpies while in Egypt you face scorpions and mummies and in China its Yetis and various other creatures of the far east. The initial main villain of the game is a Titan surviving from the great war between the Olympians and titans but in the expansion it becomes Hades and in the Ragnarok expansion it’s some fire giant guy.

Like Diablo the hack and slash action can be quite addictive as well as snatching up all the loot from enemy drops. I found gold pretty easy to accumulate and lack of it was rarely an issue. You can also attempt to accumulate various matching weapon and armor sets for extra bonuses but I rarely came across more than one or two pieces of a set though drops are probably more common on high difficulty.

As I said earlier I completed this game sometime around  2012 or so but when I found out two completely new expansions were released along with a remastered anniversary addition I had to replay the game.

The anniversary edition is the same as the original with updated HD graphics and also included the game’s original expansion Immortal Throne which takes the adventure to the underworld. The first of the new expansions is Ragnarok which adds a fairly large new chapter to the game taking you through central Europe to Scandinavia and finally to the world tree and realms of Asgard. The other new expansion, Atlantis, is more of a large side journey that takes you to the lost city of Atlantis where you face various marine themed creatures.

I thought the expansions were both pretty good and flowed and fit in good with the original game in both theme and look. Ragnarok is by far the longer of the two new expansions and I did end up enjoying it a little more than Atlantis.

Overall you can’t go wrong with Titans quest whether the original version of the HD remake. This game is one of the best of the “Diablo clones” that feel very much in gameplay like Diablo I and II and I would say I preferred this game hands down over Diablo III.




  1. Impressive, I was eyeing on this one after finishing Sacred. Would you say it’s better than Sacred, in terms of loot and abilities? I put in 50 hours on Diablo 3 on Switch and got bored. It is indeed way too easy, but the most annoying thing for me was the swappable skills instead of the more complex skill tree. I hate these ‘ease of use’ things.

    1. That’s a tough one. I think Sacred is a good game but I would say Titans Quest was the better game and the one I had more fun with. It has way more of a Diablo feel to it and I had a lot more fun with the items and drops though keep in mind I believe like sacred the drop quality differs according to difficulty level. The mythology theme of Titan Quest in my opinion also gave it an edge over the more generic fantasy themes we see so often. Leveling up and choosing skills was more satisfying to me as well.

  2. I think slog is pretty accurate, I actually did like Titans quest but it was a little too long for what it was if were including all the expansions. I actually really disliked Diablo III though I loved Diablo I and II.

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